Date:June 16, 2020, 4:15 am

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Blackjack Addiction; Find Out If, When or Why

The biggest buzz is going around the society on how bad addictions of any kind are and how much of a negative influence they are, but these statements are overrated and made by people who have no idea what an addiction really is. In most cases, an addiction can be pretty harmless, time consuming but still harmless is we are talking about addictions such as TV addiction or addictions to the internet. Beside drug addiction and alcohol abuse, one of the most looked down people are those who have a gambling addiction particularly a Blackjack addiction. This does not have to be like this and we will show you how you can find out your one of them and ask yourself if you want to conform to what other people say or not.

Having a Blackjack addiction is not the worst thing on earth and it even brings a little fun and excitement into your life. Being addicted to Blackjack does not mean you are an outcast or a total loser, on the contrary rather. If heaps of money will not disappear due to your addiction, then nobody will really know that you are addicted to Blackjack, but here are some signs when you know you are.

The first sign of Blackjack addiction is that you cannot stop thinking about playing your favorite game. You think about Blackjack all the time and anything else is not as satisfying as Blackjack. When you play other games for example, you will always compare them with Blackjack and feel like something existential is missing right then and there. Sometimes this feeling is accompanied by nervousness and restlessness.

Another important sign that shows you that you have the Blackjack addiction is the repetitive reappearance of the number 21. You cannot stop seeing the number 21 everywhere you go and this makes you think of playing the number 21 and winning with this number. You also are thinking of strategies for Blackjack so that you can beat the dealer the next time you play.

Now that we have established the symptoms, we need to tell you what you can do with your Blackjack addiction. The most important thing once you have figured out that you are addicted to Blackjack is to limit your bankroll for the each game. This does not mean that you have to limit your game itself, but just make sure that you are using the smaller bets rather than the bigger bets. You have to do this in order to secure yourself that your Blackjack addiction is not turning into a gambling addiction. The next thing to do is simply to play, because once the money is safe, you have nothing to worry about and you can exercise your Blackjack addiction in its fullest.