Date:June 16, 2020, 4:15 am

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Online Blackjack Tournament: Top Skills, Top Prizes

Online blackjack is a most exciting game because you can use strategy to win each game. Though luck may be in the work but if you don't use correct strategy, you may still end up losing a hand. Now if you want a higher level of excitement and cash prize, then consider joining an online blackjack tournament.

In an online blackjack tournament, players have to compete against each other for the biggest prize. The top prize is way much bigger than you would normally win in a regular blackjack game. Players who would like to join a tournament have to pay an entry fee. All the entry fees, put up together, make up the prizes. There's a sliding scale of online blackjack tournament prize. The top winner, for instance, wins $10,000; the second wins $7,500; and the third finishing player, $5000.

In exchange for the entry fee, each player receives the same amount of starting credit. In an online blackjack tournament, a player joins a table of players. Usually, a table holds as many as 6 players. One of the main differences of an online blackjack tournament from a regular blackjack game is that there's a rotating "button" position in a tournament. The player that has the "button" is the first to receive their cards. In a regular, non-tournament blackjack game, the player to the dealer's left is always the first to receive their card.

When a round finishes, the player with the largest remaining credit, joins the next round. The rest of the players are eliminated. Therefore, in a tournament, a player's main concern is how to keep the value of their chip stacks higher than the rest.

In some casinos, the playoffs or elimination rounds take place weekly. The playoffs winners are eligible to join the championships which are held at the end of the month.

Though an online blackjack tournament generally requires an entry fee, still it is not unusual to find free blackjack tournaments online. In some casinos you need only have accumulated enough VIP or loyalty points. Because blackjack tournaments have only been recently introduced to online blackjack gambling, one can find also tournaments that require absolutely nothing except that you register with the casino and you show up at the scheduled tournament time.

Again, online blackjack tournament is a recent addition to online gambling. Many casinos are still working on creating online tournaments because they understand that online blackjack tournament is going to be the next biggest craze in the world of online gambling. Here, players can win bigger prize money than regular blackjack games. They can also put their skills to a test by competing with other players. So if you find an online casino that's already offering an online blackjack tournament, don't even hesitate to join. We tell you, it's worth it.